Baba Ghanouj


          Pierce ~6 times,

          Microwave ~8 minutes in an open Ziploc freezer bag

          Place on hot grill 3 minutes each side

          Let cool on plate, covered with bag ~15 minutes

          Flip and let cool 5 more minutes on other side, still covered with bag

          Gently remove skin and rinse with water:

          1 large eggplant/aubergine


Blend in food processor:

          1 clove garlic

          ½ tsp sea salt



Add & blend:

          ~ ¼ cup/5 dl fresh lemon juice


Add & blend:

          ~ ¼ cup/5 dl tahini (sesame seed paste)

          ~ ¼ cup/6 dl plain yogurt


Let cool in refrigerator one hour


Serve with toasted pita, bread or sliced cucumber chips



Inspired by Chef Kamals Baba Ghanouj smoked eggplant