Pulled Pork

Inspired by North Carolina vinegar mop style


Rub pork shoulder with seasonings, cover with plastic wrap and let stand refrigerated overnight (or let marinate in mop sauce overnight)


For finishing/basting mop sauce, mix together, boil and let cool:


In a smoker or gas grill with a rotisserie



For rotisserie, I use a Weber Genesis Silver C, which generates 36,000 BTU-per-hour, and has 611 sq. in. total cooking area. To get a steady ~240F\115C temperature, I set the front and back burners to somewhere between the lowest and second to lowest setting mark (depending on the weather). I can only fit about 20 lbs of pork shoulder in my EZ Que rotisserie (available from http://www.bourlierbbq.com/E-ZQue.html). Costco sells pork shoulders in ~16 lb packages containing two pieces; I can just barely fit three in my EZ Que.



On a smoker, I tend to keep the temperature down lower, so I need to cook a bit longer. I have to refill the lasagna pan I use as a water bath at least once during a ~14 hour smoke. The pork shoulder stays much more moist in a smoker, but does not develop as much of a tasty bark that looks burnt, but once you pull the pork apart and mix it adds some nice flavor. I also dont seem to use quite as much mop sauce.